A Breakdown of the Lean Methodology and How to Use it Within Your Team

Measure the success of each release and adjust your plans based on the received results. Over-processing – refers to the usage of advanced, expensive tools instead of simple ones. While coreless https://globalcloudteam.com/ banking is still a novel concept, it shows strong potential to liberate banks from the rigid software systems that… Learn about the secrets to succeeding with Lean software testing.

What Is Lean Methodology for Software Development

This way, it cuts out anything that does not directly affect the final work result. That means that all unnecessary meetings and documentation are omitted – which can significantly cut down on time and resources needed for a specific task. It is based on only producing what is demanded and no more.

Lean Software Development: A Complete Tutorial for 2023

Tear the boundaries between business and development teams. Build a company culture of trust and empathy – allow team members to express their views and take part in the decision-making processes. Implementing Lean methodology requires building a specific culture within the development team or the entire organization. This involves freely sharing knowledge and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute their opinions and suggestions to the project.

Later you realize that the team is building a billing page and so you share your knowledge, but at this point it’s not helpful, because they’ve already built one. Against all odds, the Waterfall methodology maintains a tight grip over countless numbers of software development teams. Mary and Tom Poppendieck used the term Lean software development in the book they published by the same name in 2003. It applied the seven Lean principles to software engineering and the development process.

The 5 Key Principles of Lean Product Development

Waste can be a result of anything that does not add value. For example, when you’re building features that users don’t need or features that don’t match what customers want. Lean development focuses on removing waste from projects. This includes unnecessary meetings or paperwork, people who have no real value to the project or organization, and anything else that doesn’t add value to the end product. This can be done by having a clear goal at the start of each project and then efficiently working towards that goal.

What Is Lean Methodology for Software Development

This ensures that the quality of the product remains intact. We want continuity during the build so that we don’t lose time. This means no task switching, testing the code right away, and creating automations. Each element built should meet quality standards throughout the development process. As stated before, we’re trying to eliminate waste, and quality issues can result in a lot of waste.


You can find a lot of value-stream mapping tools in the market; Lucidchart, Creatly, and Visual Paradigm are just a few examples. Most of these tools provide customizable templates, so you won’t need to create your map from scratch. Last but not least, Lean implementation is about constantly questioning the status quo, seeking opportunities, and understanding that nothing in the process is set and defined once and forever. To achieve success, all development team members must collaborate. If you are looking to implement Lean development in your organization, there are a few key things to keep in mind. The importance of understanding Lean development and the advantages it can provide to your organization cannot be overstated.

What Is Lean Methodology for Software Development

Lean development methodology may sometimes be risky for the business since it can mean the product will not have all its essential features implemented. Hence, using the method for projects where an MVP is sufficient is good. Delivering the product means the development team can deliver more functionality in less time, allowing them to complete more projects. Lean software development , or Lean methodology, is a lightweight framework that reduces programming effort and budgeting by one-third. Lean development allows us to obtain information directly from the source, and eliminates the common problem of producing software that doesn’t meet customers’ needs.

Eliminate Waste

The team then gathers feedback from customers about what they enjoy, dislike, and want to see improved and iterates based on this information. It feels safer to make complicated decisions in advance. All stakeholders get engaged in the process, all thoughts are weighted, all decisions are well-considered and made carefully. Often, such a decision-making process is required by company legal processes. Conversely, the Lean approach demands a team to make decisions at the last possible moment , which leads to hesitation and an uncomfortable pace for many people involved.

Experience for yourself how AgilePlace supports continuous delivery initiatives, eliminates waste and improves your team’s delivery processes and speed. Applying Lean principles to knowledge work requires a shift in mindset in terms of how lean development process value, waste, and other key Lean concepts are defined. Learn how these 7 Lean principles apply to software development practices. Above, we discuss 7 established Lean software development principles for building more efficient products.

What are The 7 Lean Software Development Principles?

This gives them the opportunity to delay making up their minds about what they really require until they gain better knowledge. Optimizing the whole is a lean development principle that encourages businesses to reduce these issues by operating with an improved understanding of capacity and downstream effects of work. According to Mary and Tom Poppendieck, lean software development teams often fail due to releasing sloppy code for the sake of speed or overloading of testers. The last three Lean principles highlight some of what the Lean methodology has in common with Agile. In both cases, the product development team sets the pace and is responsible for delivering the product.

  • We know what it takes to be a reliable software partner.
  • Lean software development is a way to approach software development that emphasizes speed, flexibility, and continuous improvement.
  • It closely connects to Agile methodology, knowledge-sharing experience, fast product delivery.
  • Also, the team must be provided with tools for accurate waste identification in order to eliminate it correctly, which requires the right metrics that will measure muda.
  • In software, lean development follows the concept of building a simple solution, delivering it to customers, and enhancing it incrementally on the basis of customer feedback.

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