Maven: 10 Bad UX Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Follow that rule of thumb, and you’ll improve your designs in every aspect of your workflow. Functionality is key and shouldn’t be masked by overly designing visual elements or even under-designing them. Mirror functions with design, and users will immediately understand what actions to take. This is crucial when considering colors, contrast, fonts, font sizes, forms, buttons, and content hierarchy. Always remember, you are designing it for the users, who may not think in a similar way.

This scenario will assist them in making up their mind about the eminence of your product and whether it is worthy of appreciation or not. In most scenarios, a comprehensive yet crisp application onboarding procedure is essential, making precise all the app functions to the users. However, overexerting this part will lead to steering them away from your application, making it a loss-making UX mistake. Even here, the spotlight of your content should be on the targeted users and ensure the content applies to your brand’s core message.

Non-intuitive design issue

So, if you miss including design thinking in your UX design, chances are you will end up with a poor UX design. When you exclude the Design Thinking stages, you miss out on understanding your product’s audience. As a UX designer, you should make sure your website works flawlessly, no matter screen size or connection speed. A responsive, mobile-friendly website will function on all sorts of mobile screens and allow the users to achieve their goals within a few moments. So, yes, a beautiful design will ensure an excellent first impression and instill trust in users. Good first impressions are critical, but a good user experience is what keeps users coming back for more.

UX mistakes to avoid

But what matters the most is the way it stands out as well as stays for the long term. Many people don’t understand the role of UX in the success or failure of both. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the importance of creating seamless and engaging user experiences and user interfaces cannot be overstated.

FAQs about UX design mistakes

Separate it visually from other elements, using color or white space. It can guide users smoothly through meaningful interactions, and significantly boost conversions. Setting clear goals and KPIs is the most important phase of the project, as it steers all design tasks towards a common goal. Align the design KPI’s with your most important business goals. This will help the entire team to effectively take the service towards the desired outcome. A detailed explanation for designers on how to use grids for responsive design, and how things will scale in between breakpoints.

UX mistakes to avoid

For example, certain UI elements are heavy in size and reduce the loading speed. You can take suggestions from the tool and make changes accordingly, followed by A/B testing to compare the performance. The rule states that users should not have to click more than three times to achieve a goal or access desired information. We may not see eye to eye about Pineapple on Pizza, but we share common ground on the fact that too many pop-ups are just not cute. It would even become challenging to pinpoint the actual source when the changes start affecting other design elements. So, you also need to create your UX process according to your product needs and stick to it.

UX Mistakes to Avoid When Designing an App

You need to know your users’ preferences, backgrounds, and behavior to deliver what they desire. User research is an indispensable part of the UX design process, and missing out on it is a damaging UX mistake. A common UX mistake is to give much more importance to the aesthetics of an app than to the structure. If you put beauty before logic or navigation in an app, you will end up with a beautiful product that no one will want to use because it is awkward. Draw a detailed diagram of the app before you worry about font size or color scheme. Take another look at the impressive statistics of app deletions and think about it.

Your product needs to be of a high value for their needs, solve their problems and do it better than your competition. If your product lacks empathy in Design, your users will leave disappointed after interacting with your product and turn to competition instead. Your users’ needs, judgments, and previous experience need to be determined during the planning and development of your product or a website. Prioritizing the looks of a website over functionality is one of the most common UX mistakes. It’s 2021, a moment in time when we apply our favorite aesthetics to many areas of our lives. A website that looks like a scammy site built during the 2010s isn’t something anyone wants to see nor use these days.

Not incorporating feedback

As a product manager, it’s crucial to be aware of common UX design mistakes and take proactive steps to avoid them. In this guide, we will discuss some of the most common UX design mistakes and provide strategies for avoiding them. This is a crucial issue that will definitely create problems with UI/UX.

  • There are some jobs which can’t be done only for pleasing yourself.
  • This can lead to a poor user experience and a high bounce rate.
  • That’s why you have to think about ensuring the best impression from using your resource on mobiles.
  • Many trends might not have enough statistics to support them and could waste your funds and time.

More importantly, with more holistically framed solutions, cross-disciplinary collaboration helps replace self-referential design decisions. But it’s even worse when there is a lot of content and files available and no possibility to search among them. Without a built-in search feature, the user can become easily annoyed because he cannot find what he is looking for. Some app features can be too intricate for the average person to understand. When designing the interface, you should use well-known symbols and standard features. Try to avoid symbols that are not immediately recognizable and symbols that users can interpret in various ways.

Incorrect link design issue

These days, people become overwhelmed by huge amounts of information. One extra bit of useless visual information will only irritate them. Specifically, before you start working on a UI design, you need to know what kind of content will be shown in each and every section of the page.

UX mistakes to avoid

If not used efficiently, carousels can backfire and affect your users’ experience. Carousels (no, not the merry-go-round kind) are the slide screens companies add to their websites to make them interactive. They contain essential bits of information the company wants to highlight. For example, say UX mistakes to avoid you have a website optimized for desktop, but it looks shoddy and unfit on a mobile device. It will disrupt the UX of your users and doesn’t convey a very positive image of your company. You can use a live chat widget on your website so that it’s always visible and accessible to your customers.

UX Design Mistake #7: Having an Overly Complex UI Design

For this, you can use a tool like Qualaroo to create powerful surveys optimized for all devices and platforms. For example, you may plan out everything for your eCommerce website or mobile app’s home page, product page, and checkout process. An impeccable user experience isn’t about making your customers go from Point A to Point B but the whole journey. Don’t provide important information through pop-ups; visitors may remove it without reading. You can highlight important content using visually distinct elements.

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